Samarkand State University hosted the Uzbek-Hungarian Rectors' Forum


The Uzbek-Hungarian Rectors' Forum, which began in Tashkent on June 21, continued on June 22 at Samarkand State University.

The forum was attended by a delegation from Hungary, rectors of universities in Samarkand and surrounding areas, branch directors.

The forum was opened by the rector of Samarkand State University, member of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, Professor Rustam Kholmurodov:

- It gives me great pleasure to see the first Uzbek-Hungarian University Leaders Forum and its participants at Samarkand State University.

  The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev stressed the need to focus on foreign experience in the reform of higher education. The study and analysis of European educational standards should also be a constant focus of our attention.

The connection between education, science and technology is at the heart of today's higher education world. The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the development of SamSU put forward the idea of ​​opening a number of branches and joint institutes of leading foreign universities. This forum has a special significance as it serves these purposes.

I think that the desire to build universities that can not only compete with the world's leading universities, but also meet the socio-economic, cultural and humanitarian needs of a rapidly growing and changing society, unites us all today. ...

The head of the Hungarian delegation, Dr. Orsoyo Pasai-Tomasic, Secretary of State of the Hungarian Diplomatic Academy and the Stipendium Hungarium Program, stressed that Hungarian higher education institutions have many goals from the forum, which will be mutually beneficial. .

A total of 7 memorandums were signed during the forum, and Samarkand State University established cooperation with 6 universities in Hungary.

Debresen, Loranda Etvyos universities of Budapest, Zemelweiss, Dunayvarosh, Shopron, Secheni Istvan are new partners of Samarkand State University.

"Uzbekistan has made a positive impression with its mild climate, hospitable and open-minded people," said Dr. Bela Merkey, Rector of Zemelweiss University. - I think Samarkand still demonstrates its ancient scientific potential. Our university is interested in cooperation with higher education institutions in Uzbekistan, especially the ancient scientific and educational center, the successor of Ulugbek Higher Madrasah Samarkand State University.

Esther Lukasz, Vice Rector for Research, Sechen Stephen University:

- Today is the second day of the forum and we are in Samarkand. The forum of rectors will further expand Uzbek-Hungarian cooperation. It unites the two sides in the pursuit of a common goal. Uzbekistan and its education system, which is developing rapidly, is of interest to the whole world today. In particular, the environment for achieving the Bologna process in universities is being formed and accelerated. I think that in the coming years, the reforms in the education system of Uzbekistan will yield positive results.

“Uzbek and Hungarian languages ​​belong to the same family of ancient languages ​​- the Altai language family,” said the first vice-rector of the Silk Road International University of Tourism, Doctor of Philology, Professor Joliboy Eltazarov. - Hungarian scientists have done a lot of research on the Uzbek language. This means that the languages ​​and cultures of the two peoples are close to each other. Today's forum marks the beginning of a new, historic phase of bilateral cooperation.

Samarkand State University Information Service

Photos by Shavkat Akramov