Dean of faculty

Mirzaev Rahmatulla Ibodullaevich


According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № PD -5987 of April 29, 2020 “On additional measures for the radical improvement of legal education and science in the Republic of Uzbekistan” and the order of the rector of Samarkand State University №290-ex of June 20, 2020 was established the Faculty of Law at Samarkand State University.

The faculty trains bachelors in the areas of 5240100-“Jurisprudence”, 5111600-“National Idea, fundamentals of spirituality and legal education”, “Philosophy”, 5A120503-Ethics and aesthetics, 5A111601-Methods of teaching social and humanitarian sciences (fundamentals of spirituality), 5A120501-Philosophy (in the areas), as well as training of highly qualified personnel in the basic specialties of doctoral studies and doctoral studies in the specialties “Social philosophy”, “Ontology, gnoseology and logic”.

At present, the faculty operates “Jurisprudence and law education”, “Philosophy and national ideas”, in which there are 7 doctors of science, 29 candidates of science (15 doctors of philosophy (PhD), 15 associate professors and experienced professors. At the faculty there are 432 bachelor students-1 course-164 units, 2 course-116 units, 3 course-91 units, 4 course-60 units, 1 and 2 Stage-13 Masters, 22 academic groups.


Bachelor's degree qualification requirements

5240100  Jurisprudence

5111600 National idea, fundamentals of spirituality and law education

5120500 Philosophy


5A120503-Ethics and aesthetics

5A111601-Methods of teaching social and humanitarian sciences (fundamentals of spirituality)

5A120501-Philosophy (in the areas)